Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary Home Design

Our approach to Contemporary Design marries furniture tradition with a relentless pursuit of perfection. Every piece resonates with Contemporary Style sensibilities.

Craftsmanship, tradition and innovation dialogue with sophisticated textile and stylistic motifs. The result is a solution that meets all customer requirements.
Style as a synonym for furniture tradition combined with the constant search for perfection. Quality as the basis of all our designs. Products rich in fine details that retain unlimited value over time.

Luxury Contemporary Interior Design

All of our luxury projects can be fully customised according to the design preferences of our elite customers. We meet their needs and we can provide fully customised furniture, coordinated decorations and unique fine materials.

Delve into the world of Contemporary Home Décor and Luxurious Contemporary Interiors. Each project is a journey towards creating luxurious contemporary interiors.

Let yourself carry away by the style and experience of Riva Mobili d’Arte combined with the ideas of RIVA PROJECT. For years, we have shaped the desires of our customers by realising classic luxury residential buildings, meeting the needs and requirements of the client. We have successfully completed many luxury projects worldwide and provided furniture in Dubai, Beijing, Shanghai, Moscow, Riyadh, London, Paris, New York and many more.Thanks to its history, today Riva Mobili D’Arte is recognized worldwide as one of the best classic Italian brands.

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Contemporary Décor

Whether you’re looking to revitalise your Contemporary Living Room Design or seeking an all-encompassing Contemporary House Interior, our dedication to contemporary elegance is unmatched. Our interiors are not merely spaces but are narratives of Contemporary Interior artistry, designed to embody the sophistication of Contemporary Decoration for Home.

We curate spaces that are not just places to live but are expressions of Contemporary Home Style. The bespoke nature of our Contemporary Home Interior Design ensures that each project is as unique as the individuals who inhabit them.

Delve into the world of Contemporary Home Décor and Luxurious Contemporary Interiors. Each project is a journey towards creating luxurious contemporary interiors.

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Contemporary Home Accessories

The details that make the difference. High-quality materials for objects that do not go unnoticed.

Contemporary Carpets & Fabrics

Carpets in line with the environment that embellish and define the design.


Contemporary Boiserie

The boiserie is a furnishing element that, carefully studied, can be inserted also in contemporary contexts. It becomes the decorative element that emphasises the minimalist style of the furnishings.

Contemporary Lighting

The study of lighting can change and improve the domestic space. The right light in the right place and the home becomes perfect.