Garden Design

Tailored Garden Design for Modern Living Spaces

The creation of the garden plays a central role today: it is not just an outdoor environment, unrelated to the house, but its stylistic and aesthetic extension, and for this reason it must dialogue and be in line with the chosen architectural development. When designing a garden, Riva Contract takes into account several factors related to the type of terrain, the climate, the presence or absence of a swimming pool, and that is why every project we follow always starts from a technical survey and analysis of the site in order to propose a turnkey project in line with what the customer expects. Riva Contract proposes the materials, furniture, plants, flowers, lighting, and possible swimming pool. In the design of a garden, plants play a fundamental role, but without forgetting the combinations and color choices to achieve a harmonious and spectacular design.

With a team of skilled designers, horticulturists, and craftsmen, the company prides itself on transforming outdoor spaces into unique and tailored environments that reflect the individuality and desires of its clients.

The company excels in achieving a delicate balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. Gardens by Riva Contract are designed to serve practical purposes, be it relaxation, entertainment, or recreation, while maintaining a sophisticated and visually stunning allure.

In conclusion, Riva Contract stands out as a premier choice for those seeking not just a garden but a personalized and curated outdoor experience. The company’s dedication to customization, collaboration, and environmental care positions it as a leader in the creation of unique garden design.

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