Architectural Design

Riva Contract is the associated company of the world of Riva Mobili D’Arte Group that brings together a team of experts capable of handling any type of indoor and outdoor Project, from Classic, to Contemporary and Modern. Our mission is to provide a well-studied Architectural Design Project that allows the end customer to choose the entire Project and enhance it with combinations of Materials and Finishes of great value. An environment where every Detail is not an end in itself, and where the choice does not derive from compromises but from the assessments of the expert Designers and the Quality of Riva Contract.

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House Design: Custom Home Builders

Attention to detail, tailoring and elegant shapes make RIVA CONTRACT the ideal choice for designing unique and exclusive environment that combine functionality and beauty in a single project.

Luxury Home Builder

Riva Contract acts as a General Build Contractor managing the entire project from A to Z. Following the Luxury Home Project in its entirety means that Riva Contract starts from scratch, from the installation of fixtures, wall coverings, flooring and panelling then, prepares the mock-up and technical drawings, carries out sample production, puts into production all parts of the job order, including furniture, carpets, curtains, lighting and accessories, to the final assembly phase and after-sales service.

Working in harmony and guaranteeing the client the highest Quality on every phase of the Home Builder Project, is the main point in our philosophy. Our company cares about every small detail in order to reach perfection during the execution of Luxury House, understanding the taste of the clients and satisfying their expectations.

Architecture and Interior Design

Riva Contract designs and builds extraordinary Custom Luxury Homes for discerning clientele who desire personalised and unique Homes that meet their families’ specific Lifestyles and Needs.

Custom Home Designs

We work closely with you to help transform your ideas, inspirations, and experiences into your Custom Dream Home. Our Residential Design teams continually innovate, and pioneer new concepts inspired by emerging trends in Architecture and Design.

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