Riva Mobili D’Arte:

For over the last twenty-five years, Riva Mobili D’Arte has been a skilled player in classic furnishing. The company creates works of art marked by great passion, sophistication and design.

 Products marked by great craftsmanship, a unique design, love for perfection and extreme care for details.

Riva Mobili D’Arte, faithful to the family and artisan tradition, combines the passion for its art with continuous research. The company wants to create collections of timeless, exclusive and high-quality classic Italian furniture.

Innovation, research and fidelity to the brand’s heritage, elegance and attention to detail, uniqueness of design.

These characteristics have allowed Riva Mobili D’Arte to be, today, a point of reference in the luxury classic furniture market worldwide.


Attention to Detail and Craftsmanship

The Italian company, located in Meda, in the heart of Brianza, the cradle of design, is known all over the world for the production of high quality Made in Italy furniture.

The entire production, typically handcrafted, takes place inside the factory.

The factory covers an area of over 8,000 square metres and houses all the processing stages.

Each master artisan is responsible for his own task and carries out his work with an expertise that has been handed down from generation to generation.

All stages of production are carefully attended to, selecting the best materials and essences to guarantee quality and a prestigious result.

The company has several collections to its credit intended for different rooms in the home. In addition, Riva Mobili D’Arte provides many complementary items such as carpets, lighting, fabrics, and decorative objects for a total luxury living look.